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Secret Desires Radio

Music with a pulse !

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This is the home of Secret Desires Radio a fast-growing radio station, with a diverse playlist constructed to satisfy the most challenging of musical tastes. More than a radio station, we are a community of like minded individuals, bound together by our love for the music. We invite you to join us in our channels on in #sdr-radio or on in #leather-n-lace or #over30, here you can meet our personalities, mingle with our guests and experience all that listening to Secret Desires Radio has to offer.

We promise you good music, good fun and an unforgettable experience.

Want to personalize your SDR experience even more? Click HERE to join our forum based website where you can interact with the DJ's and listeners, tell us whats on your mind, start yor own forum and much much more.....Become a part of SDR!